I don’t deny that sometimes sharks bite and even kill humans. However, 7 million times more often, humans kill sharks. Other animals like hippopotamus and crocodiles, tigers, lions, even bees and domestic dogs, kill more people than sharks. Of all potentially dangerous animals, sharks kill the fewest number of people.

People kill approximately 70 Million sharks every year and I wonder how many are left. Here you see how terrible finning is and how the sharks die a terrible death of starvation and suffocation. We still have a long way ahead of us in educating the public, which is exactly what I am working on. Imagine somebody catching little Bambi, cutting off its four legs and throwing it back into the woods. If that happened anywhere in the world there would be an uproar. The police would be searching for the perpetrators and a judge would certainly sentence them to long prison terms. But when the same things happens to millions of sharks, nobody really cares. Most people don’t even know and that’s why this website is so important, because it tells you all about it.

Millions of sharks have to die for shark fin soup, a soup that has no taste and no nutritional value. Supposedly a traditional dish in China, which the average Chinese cannot even afford at $50 to $100 for a single serving. Sharks live quite long, mature very late and reproduce very slowly. That all makes them quite vulnerable to overfishing. Every business that sells shark products, no matter what it is and what excuse they have, is contributing to the demise of a wonderful creature. Don’t buy: Shark sculls, Teeth or any shark products. You will only help those who make money in the most irresponsible way. Don’t believe those who say that shark products help against cancer. That is a stupid fairy tale. There is absolutely no scientific proof of that.

Spread the word about the situation of sharks and how we must protect them. Contact me at juppca@gmail.com I go to schools, clubs, and colleges and talk about my experiences with sharks. If you want to help, join the Shark Research Institute, where we are working hard to protect sharks.

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