About Sharkprotect

This Website will show you new ways to look at sharks and to see them as they really are.

You might be surprised to read that sharks are intelligent, inquisitive and sometimes even playful animals. They have a memory of approximately one year, after which they still recognize humans and other creatures. Sharks play a very important role in the ocean, because they maintain the biological balance in the most important and complex ecosystem on this planet. As apex predators they are at the top of the food chain. If we kill them all, the whole system will break down. That, of course, would be a devastating situation for the oceans.

Sadly, we humans don’t treat sharks and the oceans accordingly. In the past 50 years we have already killed 90% of the big fish. Many of the almost 500 shark species are down to 10% or less of their normal populations. People kill approximately 70 Million sharks every year. Most of them are killed for shark fin soup in China, where this dish is supposed to be a traditional meal at weddings and other festive occasions. It is actually more a sign of affluence for wealthy Chinese. At $50 or more per bowl, the average Chinese cannot even afford it. Shouldn’t sharks be worth more than a soup?

Jupp mit Tigerhai

My fascination with sharks began in November 2003, when my daughter Philipa and I went on a trip to Isla Guadalupe in the Pacific. We were going to watch white sharks from a cage. We saw those mighty and majestic animals swimming right in front of us at very close range. When I came home I bought every book on sharks that I could find. I even put my own glossary together with specific shark terminology, to be found soon on this website.

Sharks are among the oldest of all animals on this planet. Imagine, they existed already 180 million years before the first dinosaurs appeared. Sharks are not as dangerous as many in the media claim. Even the shark in “Jaws” was a machine made in Hollywood. After 430 million years of evolution, sharks are more highly developed than most animals. However, they cannot compete with todays technology of modern fisheries.

If you want to know more about the important role sharks play in the ocean, take a look at “JAWS of LIFE”.  Take a look at “SHARK ALARM” and see how millions of sharks are being slaughtered worldwide in the most cruel and brutal way you can imagine. Look at HEALTH”, and you’ll never eat shark meat again. If you like to swim in the ocean, read “COMMON SENSE” where you will find a few ideas on how to behave if you should ever meet a shark.

I get asked often if I think that I can stop the killing of sharks. Of course, I can’t do this alone, but I know that I will never stop trying. As Margret Meads once pointed out: “Change never came through governments, rather by the actions of a few with the people behind them”.